Customer Non-Export Policy

It is against our policy to sell or lease a new vehicle to anyone who would export it outside the United States or transfer it to another person that would do so.

We require all customers to confirm that they are not purchasing a vehicle from us for the purpose of exporting it or reselling it to an exporter, broker, auto dealer or wholesaler. We also ask questions to assist us in determining whether there is reason to believe that a customer might export a vehicle or buy one to sell to any of the above sources, or “similar.”

Unfortunately, some customers have misrepresented their intentions and have exported a vehicle or resold it to an exporter or broker, auto dealer or wholesaler, perhaps believing that it would not cause any harm to us or to them. However, there can be substantial consequences for any customer who misrepresents their intentions and exports, or resells for export, or sells to a broker, auto dealer or wholesaler a vehicle that they have acquired from us such as:

  • Liability to us for at least $25,000 in damages, losses, and expenses
  • Rescission of the sale or lease agreement for the vehicle
  • Criminal liability for defrauding the dealership to obtain the vehicle
  • May be prohibited from purchasing/leasing another new vehicle

In addition, exporting vehicles through false information or documents might violate federal law. Federal officials have obtained guilty pleas from two California men for customs violations and felony mail fraud for a luxury car exporting scheme involving their recruitment of other persons to purchase and resell vehicles to them that they subsequently sought to export.

Please be aware that ‘Straw Purchases’ may be deemed illegal if any form of fraud is proven in the process of buying the vehicle and we take this very seriously and we will take legal action if fraud is proven in the purchase of a vehicle.

We apologize in advance if any of the foregoing may seem unnecessary or if any of the questions that we ask might make you uncomfortable. However, we also appreciate your understanding of our need to address these issues in a direct and proactive manner. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these issues, then please feel free to contact our General Manager.

For vehicles sold on or after February 23, 2015, Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC will be voiding the Passport to Service for vehicles exported outside the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam and Canada. Customers will not be able to receive any warranty repairs or benefits (including, but not limited to, the Roadside Assistance Program and service adjustments) under the Passport to Service if their vehicle is exported to another country.